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Earle Rosse


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I have been a resident of Londonderry since 1983. My late wife Carol and I were founding members of St. Peter's Church, and our daughter Kathleen, now an adult, was raised in the Episcopal tradition here at St. Peter's. Over the years I've been involved in countless projects and ministries at the church. I'm an avid handyman and woodworker and I am pleased to have made the Credence Table, the Processional Cross and the Lectern which we use at each service. I served as the parish's Treasurer from 2011 to 2018.

Today, I share my life with Marcia Thomas who joins me in worshiping at St. Peter's. Since its earliest days St. Peter's has been a warm and inviting place where enduring friendships have been made and spiritual fulfillment flourishes. I have been truly blessed to call St. Peter's my spiritual home for nearly 30 years.


Earle Rosse