The labyrinth behind the church


In the summer of 2005 a labyrinth was put into the church grounds by Matthew Branson, a parishioner and member of the youth group, in order to complete his Eagle Scout Badge for the Boy Scouts. This is a seven-circuit labyrinth, outlined in brick with a mulched path. The labyrinth is located behind the sanctuary, and is a lovely place to take in some quiet time, walk the path, or sit on the bench and meditate. Labyrinths are ancient forms of pilgrimage walks and tools of meditation. People who have walked labyrinths often find that the exercise helps quiet the spirit and focus the mind. Many of the bricks have been inscribed with names of beloved friends and family members of parishioners, as well as hopeful sayings. If you are interested in having a brick inscribed to mark a memory or honor a loved one, please call the church office.

Consecration of the memorial gardenMemorial Garden

On Wednesday, September 29, 2010, Bishop Robinson consecrated the St. Peter’s Memorial Garden. This hallowed ground, which is behind the church and surrounds our labyrinth, is where we place the ashes of those people who have been cremated. We have dedicated the memorial garden to Paul R. Mailhot, a beloved member of St. Peter’s and former warden.

As Christians we believe in the Resurrection, and a memorial garden is a place set aside where we place the remains of those who have died to this world and gone ahead of us in to further life with God. If you would like more information about the garden or burial services, please call the church office at 603-437-8333.