New Interim

Posted 4 years ago
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After a week of settling in, moving books, rearranging the office, and trying to learn the parish routine at St. Peter’s, I have decided that being the Interim Rector is just going to be a continual work in progress.  Perhaps that is a good thing to think about, because in very major ways our lives are works in process.  I watch my ten month old grandson as he has progressed from breathing, eating, sleeping, and continual diaper changing to standing emoting, crawling, and being cute, I see him continually learning, observing, picking up new skills and testing who he is.  He is really a miniature version of each of us.  For we too are always learning, observing, gaining new skills (forgetting old ones) and testing who we are.

I think that really is the way God planned us.  Each day bringing new revelations, new challenges, new ways to see our lives, our relationships and our being part of something so much greater than we are.  I think we get so caught up in our day to day lives that we are too busy to just experience the growth and the learning that is going on within us.  I think perhaps taking a breath and settling back to look at ourselves, who we are, what we do and where we are going is just a natural part of living and being God’s children; just looking at our lives as works in progress.

Over the next year or so we as the parish of St. Peter’s Church will be doing just that: looking at where we are, what we do and where we are going.  We will celebrate the wondrous work God has done here and with us.  We will be thinking about where we are going … where the Holy Spirit is leading us.  And we should see this work as a continuation of our work in progress as a people, as church.

I am excited to be here.  We are continuing the work begun here a quarter of a century ago as we look to the work that has begun in those years and discover the opportunities that lie before us in our work in progress.  I pray that God will continue the good work done in our parish and open new vistas for us not only in the year to come, but in a continual discovery of God’s ministry for us in the future, learning how we can live into the work God has given us to do … to love, to serve and to grow as a community of faith as we continue our work in progress.  Amen.