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Posted 4 years ago
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I have always been fascinated with mountains.  I am not sure when that fascination began.  Perhaps it was when I climbed Mount Monadnock for the first time in the 1950s or my first encounter with Mount Washington a few years later.  But the peaks have always engendered in me a sense of awe, wonder and majesty.

Mountains appear often in the Bible.  Moses received the Ten Commandments on a mountain.  Noah’s ark is believed to have ended its journey in the mountains of Eastern Turkey or Armenia.  And the psalmists often refer to the mountains when they proclaim great moments or make profound statements.

There is a sense of eternal wonder when we see a towering peak or stand at the top of a mountain and survey the world below.  It is one of the places we might have a sense of a “God view” of our world.  Some might even say we feel a closeness to God.  But mountain top experiences, the eternal sense of God being with us is not limited to alpine conquests or spectacular wondrous views.  We encounter those experiences in the everyday and in the common places, even for us flatlanders of the Merrimack Valley lowlands.

This week my grandson took his first walking steps.  The look on his face was indeed a mountain conquest look.  He stood there with a sense of pride and accomplishment in having done something new and wondrous.  I have seen that look in the eyes of newlyweds, in new parents, in college graduates and in the look of parents and grandparents watching their “clan” and savoring their accomplishments.  Our world is filled with these encounters … these moments of awe.

There is wonder in all around us.  The reality of the hand of God touching our lives not only in the snowcapped mountain crests but especially in the everyday experiences of our lives.   Having spent the last forty years in the farm land country of the Midwestern United States and returning home to the rivers, valleys and mountains of my youth, I realize how much I had taken for granted the everyday sights and wonders.

God touches us in the everyday.  Each dawn brings to us new revelations of the life we have been given and the blessedness of each moment we have.  There is blessed majesty in the mountains.  There is a revelation of the sacred in the simple first steps of a baby moving from new born to toddler.  There is the touch of God in the unfolding of life around us in every moment of every day.  But in our rush to live our lives we often don’t seem to have time to just see the mountains or feel the hand of God to guides us each second of our lives.

God surrounds us with blessings but often we are too busy to see them.  Let us bask in the beauty of the summer, see the colors all around us, savor the moments in life when the hand and heart of God are most visible and take the time to know the love of God in the world around us.  Themountains are of God, and the peace can fill our hearts and live..