Keep a Holy Lent at St. Peter's

Posted 1 year ago
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This week, start a Holy Lent at St. Peter's...

Thursdays - Lenten Bible Study: This Lent, St. Peter’s will focus on Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Way of Love initiative. For those, who are not familiar, this is the foundation of a Christian “Way of Life” centered upon seven principals:  Turn, Pray, Learn, Bless, Rest, Worship, and Go. We will gather on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m.

After Church Book Studies: After church at the 10am service we will continue our Lenten Book Study on Rachel Held Evan’s book Searching for Sunday. Rachel is a former evangelical blogger turned Episcopalian and is one of the brightest voices in the church today. This week we will look at the first two chapters of the book. If you missed our first session, you can watch the hour long talk we viewed together: here.