From the Rector June 2016

Posted 3 years ago
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As I look out my window at Moose Hill, the bare branches of the maple trees have finally filled in with beautiful green leaves beginning again the wondrous cycle of life. After a mild relatively snow free but long Winter and cool Spring new growth has appeared with the cacophony of colors and splendor of bright sunny days with the occasional splash of rain that sustains nature’s life cycle.

It’s ordinary time. And in the midst of this ordinary time God’s life plans for each of us take root and blossom with bursts of personal color and our lives wander through the routine times with injections of new paths to explore.
Children dream of the adventures that their summer recess may yield and as adults we flow into the familiar patterns of responsibility that we have taken on in our annual pattern of life. But we too can pause and like our children we can wonder how God’s life plan for us will unfold.

Geese This time after Christmas and Easter is ordinary but yet like the freshness of Spring growth, it offers us a chance to dream and look forward. I think often in our ordinary lives we are often oblivious to the wonder of God’s gifts to us. We seem to get so busy with all the day to day ordinary tasks that we overlook the awesome beauty of God’s creation all around us. We take for granted the new flowers, the unveiling of green leaves. We don’t see the splendor of new life. A mother Canada goose crosses the street with her train of new born fluffy baby geese fulfilling the creation work of God’s hand as they explore their new lives on the way perhaps for their first swim.

I wonder what parts of God’s plan for us we miss when we get lost in the
ordinary-ness of our daily routine. I wonder what our lives would be like if we could just take five minutes every day to pause in the midst of our green times routines and just look around us not worrying about all the tasks we need to perform , all the duties we have, but to pause and look at the masterpiece that God’s artistry has painted all around us … taking in the details, savoring the sights, sounds, smells and textures of that life about and within us. Perhaps the ordinary time will not just be the green familiarity but rather the seeds of new wonder in our lives that can begin to sprout and take form. If only we could pause for but five minutes and sense … and dream.