From the Rector July 2016

Posted 3 years ago
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Where do we find God? One of our recent Old Testament lessons was a story from Kings about the prophet Elijah. He was frightened and had run off to hide. A voice came to him while he was hiding in a cave and told him to go to a mount and wait for the Lord God to pass by. There was a wind, an earthquake and a fire. But God was not in these spectacular events. God was in a still small voice.

Remember Moses when God called to him out of a burning bush and commissioned him to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt. Or the annunciation to Mary in the stillness of the night the angel Gabriel came and spoke to her quietly.

God comes to us in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. God touches us inside and moves us to be more than we are, even in the middle of our fears (as he did to Elijah), or in our moments of retreat (as He did to Moses), or even in the unexpected dream or vision (as He did to Mary).

Our Summer is the time of the ordinary. Green is the color that surrounds us in the grass, the trees the plants that have grown over the Spring and now are filled with leaves. In this time of warmth and ordinary beauty we bask in the gift of living that God has handed to us. It is so easy to sit back and bask in the temporal warmth of the season and not sense the breath of God around us. We expect to see God perhaps in the spectacular moments or in the depth of crisis that we miss God’s still small voice whispering in our ear. We don’t hear His guiding voice in our everyday, in the touch of the warm Summer wind on our cheek or the soft rain upon the roof. We don’t realize the gifts of God that cover our every moment.

Perhaps we even sit back in our Summer sun and never respond to God’s touch or recognize the gifts of God around us. We wait perhaps only for the spectacular before we realize His touch.