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Posted 3 years ago
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I am not entirely sure, but it looks like Spring is actually here. At least the  daffodils are pressing up through the ground and I hear songs of birds I have  not heard since October. Spring is always for me such a refreshing time. I  have a sense of renewal and a freshness in the things that I do. The passage  from Ecclesiastes is true... “There is a season...” And I guess our Anglican  heritage gives us a sense of comfort that there is a place and a time for  everything and that sense that everything is in its place.

I think though that Spring (or more appropriately Eastertide) is a time for our  spirit to be renewed. It’s a time when we can look around, see the annual  unfolding of nature, and pause to notice what the Holy Spirit is doing with us,  with our parish and with the people around us. I suspect most of us rarely  pause in the seemingly never ending complexity of our lives to just sit back,  take a deep breath and allow ourselves time to just feel God at work all  around us . This miracle of life itself and what marvelous wonders are  happening in our lives.

We have had a chance to spend some time with our Grandson over the past  few weeks. He is at that stage in life (almost 2) when he is beginning to  discover almost constantly new wonders all around him... new words ... new  sights ... new sounds ... And we can see the delight he feels in his discoveries. I  suspect that is what God really intends for all of us. That we constantly  discover new sights, sounds and wonders in our lives. Life is a continuing  pageant of God’s unveiling. The gift given to us as children is the freedom to  explore those wonders because a child is unencumbered by the  responsibilities of adulthood.

I pray that somewhere in the busy lives we all lead that we can rediscover that  childlike awe and recognize the freshness and the glow of discovery in where  God has placed us. We do live in a spring like garden and there are  unobserved wonders all around us. If only we can remember to take time to  sense the freshness in life and stand in awe of what our God has given us