Covid-19 Information page

Posted 3 months ago

For the time being, our homepage is dedicated to getting you the most up to date information on what worship, life, prayer, and care, looks like at St. Peter's in this time of pandemic. We promise we'll revert back to the more familiar out of date homepage you're more familiar with when life gets back to normal

Join us for Worship on Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

Detailed Order for Worship: June 28th 2020 (Proper 8)

Pre-Recorded Sunday Morning Prayer - June 14th 2020 (Proper 6)

Music From Emery, our Choir Director:


Our Information Channels:




    General Information:

    • For the time being, all in person offerings at St. Peter's are cenceled of have been moved online. This includes worship, AA meetings, committee/team meetings, and book/bible studies.

    Formation While at Home:


    Pastoral Care:

    • If you are in need of immediate pastoral care and simply need someone to talk to, call Fr. Colin (203.679.1002).
    • Currently our Pastoral Care Team is calling everyone member of the church by phone. We want to hear how you are, how this is impacting you emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
    • We are asking every member of the Parish to complete our "Haves/Needs" Survey so we are able to make connections within the community. If you haven't completed that quick survey yet, you can do so: here.


    Other Online Worship Opportunities:

    • Grace Church, Concord and the mission in Franklin are offering daily Morning Prayer at 9:30am and Evening Prayer at 5:00pm. To connect, watch the videos, and pray along go to those times with your Book of Common Prayer. To follow along by phone call 1-929-205-6099, enter Meeting ID 508 895 2635 followed by #, wait for prompt and enter # again.


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