2016 Greater Manchester/Londonderry CROP Hunger Walk

Posted 3 years ago
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Crop Hunger Walk


A Few Facts About Hunger and Clean Water

  • 795 million people or one in nine people in the world – do not have enough to eat.
  • 1 out of 6 infants are born with a low birth weight in developing countries.
  • Every 10 seconds, a child dies from hunger-related diseases.
  • 663 million people lack access to clean water.

CWS History. In 1946, in the aftermath of World War II, U.S. Christians joined hands and hearts to create Church World Service in response to Jesus' call to feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, and shelter the homeless children of God. Today, Church World Service is a cooperative ministry of 37 Christian denominations, providing sustainable self-help and development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance in partnership worldwide.

What is a CROP Hunger Walk? CROP stands for “communities responding to overcome poverty”. Church World Service CROP Hunger Walks are community events that provide a way for congregations and communities to join together in offering hope and opportunity to some of the one billion neighbors worldwide whose lives are gripped by suffering and poverty. Church World Services (CWS) works support “sustainable grassroots development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance.” Since 1969, CROP Hunger Walks have helped people worldwide gain access to nutritious and sustainable food sources. Hunger is one of the greatest injustices facing our world, but we can help to stop it. The Greater Manchester/Londonderry CROP Hunger is one of 1,100 walks that take place each year as a part of a nationwide endeavor to raise money to alleviate hunger and poverty in this country and overseas. The concept is simple: Ending hunger one step at a time. This is the fifth year St. Peter’s has participated in this event.

How is the money used? The money raised for the CROP Hunger Walk is split 75% to Church World Service programs and 25% to local hunger agencies (Upper Room Food Pantry in Derry). CROP Hunger Walks allow CWS to empower people in over 80 countries as they:

  • Enable people to move beyond poverty.
  • Provide trees to reforest land and provide food.
  • Provide sustainable farming and grow a variety of healthy foods.
  • Help start small businesses by providing baking ovens, fishing nets and boats, manual sewing machines, honey bees, chickens, rabbits, and nursery plants and trees.
  • Provide training in health care and animal care.
  • Provide tools and wells for clean water, and irrigation for crops.
  • Help the hungry and homeless in refugee camps and those affected by natural disasters.

Please join St. Peter’s Walk Team on Sunday October 23rd as we walk to raise money and awareness to help solve this global problem. Our team goal is to raise $2,750. For more information, visit https://www.crophungerwalk.org/londonderrynh.